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When to Call Your Local Plumber?

Plumbing serviceThere are many plumbing problems that a person can handle by themselves, but in some cases, it is better to call a professional. But when do you need to book your local plumber services? To help you with that, we made a list of some common problems that have to be handled by an experienced plumber:

1. When the faucet won’t stop dripping. Most of us has lived with a dripping faucet at some point of their lives and didn’t think it was a big deal. But the truth is that the problem could be bigger than it looks. Left unfixed, that little dropping can cause huge waist of water that can go up to 3,000 gallons a year according to EPA. And in the worst case scenario, the leak can be indication of a worst plumbing problem. If you didn’t manage to fix the leaking by yourself, don’t hesitate to call your local plumber.

2. When you notice that your bathtub is not draining properly. A bathtub clog is something that you should deal with immediately. This problem will only get worst with time, so get it checked as soon as possible. A professional can clear obstruction and will see if the clog is a part of a bigger plumbing problem.

3. If water isn’t flowing correctly. Having a poor water pressure in your home could be a problem too. If it’s only on one or two faucets or only in the shower, it could mean that you need to simply clean them from mineral build up. Still, the issue with water pressure can mean that there is a bigger problem to be fixed. An experienced plumber will know how to diagnose and repair everything for you.

If you are experiencing any of those problems and you are looking for local plumber services in Huntley, IL, don’t hesitate to contact Tom The Plumber Inc. Give us a call at (847) 513-3971.

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